about savvas café

IMG_0594 - CopieThe story of Savvas Café Bar starts in the early 1980s. At the time Polis wasn’t a touristic destination as it is today, but a silent little town in a traditional, agricultural region. In the beginning Savvas Café wasn’t even a Bar – it started as the home of the “Youth Association of Polis”. The idea was a place where young people of the area could meet and enjoy their time.

Savvas (who was running the place from the beginning) and his creative personality, as well as the offer of alternatives in music, drinks, food and all different kind of happenings made Savvas Café Bar the reference point of the area.

Even more, through time the place became famous all over Cyprus, with regular customers coming from Lefkosia and Lemessos. With the touristic boom of the Polis area during the 1990s, it is not an exaggeration to say that Savvas Café Bar became a truly cosmopolitan place and “made” friends all over Europe.

Today the owners of the Café Bar are two brothers: Savvas and Demetros. On top of the refreshing drinks and the tasty food, it is the spiritual thinking of the first, the good mood of the second and the hospitality of both that keeps customers coming back to Savvas Café Bar again and again.

All you need is to discover the place and live the experience!

One thought on “about savvas café

  1. Wir waren schon immer von dem Wandbild im Cafè fasziniert und Olaf hat sich deshalb einen Teil des Bildes in schwarz/weiß auf den linken Oberarm tätowieren lassen. Ich hoffe, wir können bald mal wieder nach Polis, um es Savvas zu zeigen. Übrigens, die kleinen Engel aus Schmuckstein, die er uns vor Jahren geschenkt hat, halten immer noch über uns Wacht. Olaf hat seinen Engel auf dem Nachttisch zu stehen und meinen habe ich immer in der Handtasche bei mir. Liebe Grüße an alle, an Tina, Mina, Kira und Demetrios


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